Sportake 8 is a brand new Sportstake game from the National Lottery. We’re going to give you a brief overview of how the game works as well as how to play it.

Sportstake 8

You play the Sportstake 8 game by predicting the first half and second half outcomes (1,X,2) of 8 predetermined match fixtures drawn from various leagues and other identified professional soccer leagues across the globe.

Playing the game

  • The Participant may participate in the SPORTSTAKE 8 Game by predicting 1st and 2nd half outcomes of matches featured in an official ‘Fixture List’.
  • Selections can also be entered manually into the Terminal by the Retailer, and the relevant valid Receipt will be issued only through that same Terminal.
  • If a fixture (or half) is abandoned, cancelled, rescheduled, postponed or for other reasons not available for resulting and settlement, from or by an ITHUBA’s verified source, after
    the list is published but before the match starts, then all Selections for that Fixture are to be settled as correct

Sportstake 8 Cost

The cost of each Entry /board will be R2.00 inclusive of VAT.

Sportstake results

The latest results can be found on the official lottery / sportstake site. Click here to view the latest results.

Playing Sportstake on a Betslip

Things to remember

  • You can select single or multiple outcome result for each half.
  • A valid wager must consist of at least one selection per half.
  • A Minimum price per wager is R2 and maximum spend per transaction is R2000.
  • Each single entry wager will cost you R2, including VAT.

Sportstake 8 Predictions

Predictions are hard t ocome by for the game as you need a massive 16 wins to get a payout. This makes the game very hard to work out predictions for. If you’d like to see some of the latest weekend and midweek predictions we suggest checking out Best Sports Betting.

Sportstake 8 Tips

Being a new game there aren’t too many sites that are offering tips, we did find updated tips on Best Sports Betting, so click here to view the hottest tips and predictions.

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More about the game.

If you’d like to know more about this lovely new game have a look at the video below.