Some Lotto players may have experienced this. After correctly predicting a set of numbers in a lottery draw, then one finds out the dividend is shared amongst other players with similar predictions. Well, this has happened many a time for 4 or 5 ball Lotto predictions. Lucky Numbers has a way around this – you don’t have to share your winnings with anyone. Lucky Numbers is a fixed odd prediction game that is based on the draw results of real Lotteries. Hollywoodbets offer Lucky Numbers, and in this article, we dig deeper into what capabilities may be exploited by fans of such a game. If you’d like to know more about Hollywoodbets before we get started we highly recommend having a read through this Hollywoodbets Review.

Hollywoodbets Numbers

Accessing Lucky numbers on Hollywoodbets is very easy – this can be done through clicking the “Lucky Numbers” button that leads straight to the various lotteries on which Lucky numbers is based on. On this, Hollywoodbets goes far and wide-reaching. There are various lotteries around the world, with up to 57 countries/regions from which the Lucky Numbers game is based. These include South Africa’s famous lotteries such as SA Lotto, Lotto Plus 2 and Bonus, Powa Numbers, and others. From the International front, lotteries covered include the UK, France, the United States, and many others. We like this as this gives a variety of starting times and therefore more options for the player to choose from. The last bet should be placed before the draw of the first ball in the particular lotto.

Lucky Numbers Betting

As we have mentioned earlier, the Lucky Numbers bring about fixed odds betting. There are various types of bets that can be placed, each with very attractive odds. The type of market depends on the type of lottery, and it is therefore prudent for the player to strike a balance between high odds markets which have a lower probability of happening and low odds markets that have a better chance of outcome.

An example is a comparison of markets and odds when selecting the options based on the SA Lotto. The odds of selecting 1 correct ball are 5.5, and that of 2 correct is 55, and that of 4 correct balls is a whooping 7500

Betting on SA Lotto

Meanwhile, when selecting the SA Lotto plus 2 on the Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers site gives an opening to various betting markets, albeit at somewhat different odds for several ball bets. The correct prediction of a single ball is at odds of 5.7, whilst correctly predicting the bonus ball has odds of 46. For a higher number of ball predictions, the odds are lower as compared to the SA lotto. Yankee or multiple bets may also be placed on the desire of the customer. Additional bets or range of bonus ball and either even or odd may be placed.

Lottery Betting with Hollywood

Various other lotteries have different offerings and odds, and it is best to shop around to establish where the player may realise the best odds and value for their liking.

Overall, Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers are a game for fans of Lotto, but prefer to have fixed odds and therefore guaranteed winnings in the event that Lady Luck smiles upon them. The lotteries on which this game is based are a lot, ensuring that there can be action throughout the day. You can visit the Hollywoodbets site and start betting Lucky numbers by clicking here. You can view more about sports betting in South Africa by visiting the Betting Bonus homepage.